Hewitt Robins 3000tph Crushing and Screening Plant

20 May 2013

Hewitt Robins International Ltd has recently supplied vibrating screens and grizzlies to the biggest quarry in the world and one of the leading quarry operators in the middle east.

The new 3000tph Crushing and Screening plant is situated in the U.A.E where they currently produce over 60 million tons per year and includes 2 off QV-14, 4 Bearing 2500 x 6500 Heavy Duty Grizzly Scalpers, 2 off 2QV-14, 8 Bearing 2200 x 7800 Heavy Duty Triple Deck Screens and 2 off QV-14, 4 Bearing 2200 x 7800 Triple Deck Screens.

Operational since October 2012 the new plant has a capacity of up to 3000 tonnes per hour and is processing 0-300mm high-grade limestone. The 2 off Hewitt Robins QV-14 2500 x 6500 Heavy Duty Grizzly Scalpers are each handling up to 1500tph of minus 300mm limestone. The ABRO grizzlies are set at 150mm and the oversize is fed to 4 off 1100 x 800 Jaws.

 The 2500tph 0-150mm undersize is then feed onto 2 off Hewitt Robins 2QV-14 2200 x 7800 Heavy Duty Inclined Triple Deck Screens which seperate at 105mm top deck, 85mm middle deck and 40mm bottom. The 85-105mm material is conveyed away to be stock piled and the 40-85 material is then fed onto the final 2 screens.  

The final 2 QV-14 2200 x 7800 Triple Deck screens are handing around 950tph of minus 85mm limestone. These screens separate at 85mm top deck, 65mm middle deck and 40mm bottom deck.  The 65-85mm material and the 40-65mm material is conveyed away to be stockpiled and minus 40mm is returned to the surge pile.

All these Hewitt Robins machines are using grease lubricated Quad-V14 or 2 x Quad-V14 Vibrator units which consist of QV vibrator pods incorporating 2 off 140mm bearings giving the customer increased bearing life.  On each side of the machine, the QV Pods are coupled together using a cardan shaft through the centre of the machine, which allows there to be additional access between the decks for easier maintenance.

These machines are all designed specifically for this application so that they can handle the high capacities and temperatures.

The sites Maintenance Manager commented – ‘’These machines were specifically designed, for our application in a short timescale which was very important for us due to some new orders from overseas. This new 3000tph plant now allows us to supply our customers quicker and more efficiently which meets their requirements and helps us secure more orders.

We now have over 15 Hewitt Robins machines running within our quarries some of which are over 25 years old. Hewitt Robins have always supplied us with custom designed machines which are designed for each of our applications and we have always been impressed with their quality and after-sales service’’