Hewitt Robins install new screens for Mansfield Sands new operation at Two Oaks Quarry

11 Jun 2015

The Mansfield Sand Company has been quarrying sand in Mansfield for nearly 200 years. Operating from its long-established base in North Nottinghamshire it has built up a solid, countrywide reputation since the late eighties as a specialist supplier of a comprehensive range of materials for the construction and maintenance of top-class sports and landscape surfaces.

The company have operated their Ratcher Hill Quarry for many years; however, with this site coming to the end of its life the company have been developing another site with 40 years of mineral resources at Two Oaks Quarry, Mansfield. Following planning permission approval, Mansfield Sand made the decision and made a significant investment in a brand new production plant which was completed in September 2014 and commissioned a month later in October.

The supply of the new plant was put out to tender and subsequently won by McClanahan of the USA, with Hewitt Robins of being awarded the order for the screens. Richard Abraham – Director, commented, “We selected Hewitt Robins as they had previously supplied a screen for our Ratcher Hill site, and as they were also recommended by McClanahan it was an easy choice to select them and move forward with that confidence.”

Screening with confidence:
Hewitt Robins have supplied three screens for the new 300tph plant which include:

A Hewitt Robins V-9 1.6 x 3.6 single-deck screen which acts as the primary dry rejects screen. This handles minus 200mm of sand and gravel and scalps out at 65mm taking out all the cobbles and sandstone lumps and delivering the minus 65mm to the washing plant. This screen has been supplied complete with 450mm feed box with rubber liners, 150mm discharge lips having rubber liners, support springs, spring base plates, v-belt drive, motor pulley, vibrator pulley, 7.5kw drive motor, pivoting motor base, rubber cross member protection and heavy-duty side clamped weld mesh.

The minus 65mm sand and gravel is then delivered to the washing plant via the second screen, a Hewitt Robins LPE-14 2.5 x 7.2 single-deck low angle screen. This is the wash screen where material is subjected to 1500 gallons/minute of water (500 in feed and 1000 from spray) and separated at 1 and 2mm.This screen has been supplied as the primary screen specification, but with a 30kw drive motor, spray bars with polyurethane nozzles and with a Tema Isenmann WS85 polyurethane modular system.

A third screen which is currently been commissioned is for the drying plant. This is a Hewitt Robins outer- balance 1.0m wide x 1.0m long, single-deck drying plant screen, complete with tensioned self- cleaning wire deck, outer balance drive motor, discharge chute with A.R Liners for oversize material, chute under machine to discharge fine material with A.R Liners, support springs, spring base plates, Hewitt Robins support frame to suit 1.0 x 1.0m single-deck dry rejects screen complete with skid mounted base to bolt into customers concrete base. This screen is specifically for dry sand, and is rated at 55tph. The finished product is 2mm down, with the material being screened out at 4mm.IMG_3842A

Richard, further commented, “We are very pleased with the screens. We had to make a few tweaks during the commissioning stages to achieve optimum performance where the Hewitt Robins engineers have been with us all the way. The screens are now performing exceptionally well to the specification we require, so it’s been a very good experience.”

With a new state-of-the-art bagging plant also on-site Mansfield Sand is now looking forward to providing a first class range of sands for their customers for another 40 years.